So…I was thinking I was all done with the Invasion thing for my “main” toons, when my buddy repgrind happily told me how Invasion drops now had the chance of being “warforged”…..

Just when I thought I was finished.

Here we go again, but this time I’m just taking my DH because I’ve been itching to play it and haven’t had much of a chance running all my toons through Invasions.

Anyway, she needs a ton of shards to upgrade both glaives to the max.

I really don’t have the stomach to run other toons in between DH Invasions runs, so I found myself a couple of “make work” projects to keep her busy.

Black Temple Runs:

I can only do these once a week and I already got the Cursed Vision blindfold, but there is a rumor going around that Blizzard might – and that’s a big MIGHT – allow the BT glaives to be transmogged.  Since I have nothing better to do, might as well make a run for them just in case.

Wailing Cavern Runs:

I have the leather “Embrace of the Viper” set that might be an interesting transmog for my DH at some point, except I’m missing the gloves that randomly drop off the Druids of the Fang.  I think there are only about 20? 25? Druids in the instance so this might take a while.  I suppose I could watch the AH for them since they are BOE, but then again, I need something to do in between Invasions.

I’ll have to look at more leather transmog sets that don’t look too “Druid-y” or “Rogue-y” for my DH.  I don’t think I have a lot of leather sets, so farming for transmog should keep me busy.

One thing for sure – I now have absolutely no doubt I suck big time at playing melee.  I’m betting I’m the last person to figure out the double jump (yes, I only realized last night that it was the spacebar and not a spell….duh.)

Yes, I’m a little slow but wow!  Double jump is awesome and I’m loving the mobility!

I’ve also mastered the DH Fel Rush to time it perfectly to end in whatever fire is on the ground for an insta-death.

Such a difference from casters who have to stand in the fire to cast spells – now I can jump right into the fire and then jump backwards into another one!

Yeah, I’m going to die a lot but it will be fun!