So after my Invasion Rant, I headed out again on Sunday and this time all the RNG fell into place (sort of anyway.)

My Warlock *finally * got a belt to hold up her pants.

My Death Noob *finally* got gloves.

My Rogue *finally* got a helm.

That makes my Warlock, Priest #1, Death Noob, Rogue and DH ready for Legion.  All I have left are my Boosted Noob Paladin and maybe Priest #2.  If there is enough time, maybe my Hunter.

I had enough shards on my Warlock to completely upgrade a sword and purchase a bunch of Felbat Pups.

Only problem for my Warlock is no off-hand to go with the sword.  I went to check Restore Items to see if I had deleted an off-hand during my “transmog cleanup” pre-Legion patch frenzy, but my restore isn’t available until September.

Yes, I had to use Restore to recover my Death Noob’s best sword (ilvl 680+) I may or may not have deleted….

No off-hands anywhere to be found (no point running LFR this late in the expansion on the slim hope I’d actually score an off-hand) so I had my Scribe make the lovely 630 Shadowtome, then spent 3k gold on mats to upgrade it to 690.

Now I can use the 725 sword and I think a 690 off-hand is good enough since it will probably be replaced the first hour of questing in Legion.

Anyone else feeling the Invasion pressure to get as many toons as possible decked out in 700 gear or is it just me?

I think I’m stressing out about it because I really have no idea which toon to level first or heck, even which one could be considered my “main” anymore with all the changes.

I’m not thrilled with the new Shadow Priest (yeah, love having my eyes glued to a bunch of timers in some sort of faux “complexity”;) I do like the new “Blood” DK – think I actually get it now; I read somewhere Assassination Rogue might (shockingly) be viable in Legion; and the DH is well…just fun.  My Destruction Warlock hasn’t changed much so that is comforting.

Yeah, just can’t decide…