Okay, so we’re all running our various under-geared toons through the pre-patch Invasions to get them geared up for Legion!

Or only a few of us crazy ones are chasing the 700 gear dreams.

I’ve got my DH and Priest #1 a “full set” including the purchased necklace, ring, trinket and glaives for the DH.

What I’ve got left is my Warlock, Death Noob, Priest #2 (don’t ask), Paladin (that I still don’t know how to play) and for some reason I decided my Rogue should be “Legion Ready” just in case.

What’s killing me are my Warlock and Death Noob.

Not to mention one-handed weapons for casters dropping like candy with no off-hands anywhere to be found, and not one 2-handed staff.

Are they in the game? Are they planning to be in the game?

No one knows…

But I have a theory about that – why there are no off-hands for casters or 2-handed staves.

It’s because…wait for it…they can’t have an off-hand.

Why you ask?

Because although Pants are in the loot table, Belts are not!


We can get Pants, but no belts have dropped for my Warlock since the start of the Invasions.

So we need that empty hand to hold up our pants.

On the other hand (pun intended), my Death Noob can’t seem to get any gloves.

My Warlock has bags full of them, just like my Death Noob has picked up 5 or 6 belts.

I have a bucket load of one-handed swords and wands for my Warlock, and no off-hands.  I thought maybe I had one or two stored in my bank from LFR drop, but no.  Not one.

I wasted an entire day dragging my sorry Warlock and Death Noob from Invasion to Invasion ever hoping for a belt and gloves.

I gave up after my Warlock got 3 pairs of gloves and my Death Noob got 2 belts.

*bangs head on keyboard*

Anyway, between Invasions I found out the DMF was selling Plate/Mail Scarlet Crusade transmog sets if – and only if – your plate-wearing or mail-wearing toon shows up wearing the Scarlet Crusade Tabard that drops from Scarlet Halls.

Of course, my Rogue and Priest have the Tabard, not any plate/mail armor toons.

I thought I’d fool the vendor and transmogged the tabard on my Death Noob, but the vendor saw right through my disguise and yelled at me.

So…between Invasions I ran my DK though Scarlet Halls and the Tabard dropped after about run 23 or 24.

Speaking of transmog, don’t waste your shards on the transmog sets unless you aren’t taking that armor class to the Invasions or are missing some pieces since the sets are the same as the drops.

After my Belt and Gloves Marathon, there is no way I’m taking a Mail class toon through Invasion Drop Hell again, so I’m buying the Mail transmog set.

You know what else is funny?

All this gear I’m trying to get will probably be replaced in the first hour of questing when Legion drops.

I must be out of my mind…

On the bright side…

I decided that my DH absolutely had to have the Cursed Vision of Sargeras AND the Trophy Tabards of the Illidari for…no reason except it seemed fitting.

Silly thing dropped for me the first time I took my DH in Black Temple.  No glaives dropped but you can’t transmog them any way so meh.


The NPC – Val’zareq the Conqueror – that drops the Tabard quest walked right in front of me when I landed in Shadowmoon Valley.

Other good news, you now get both the purple and green Tabards as quest rewards.

So my DH is all tricked out in fancy gear and ready for Legion while my Warlock can’t hold an off-hand because she has to hold her pants up.

Yeah, gotta love RNG…