First, the important stuff – PETS!!!!

I did a whole bunch (actually 3) of those Invasions and got enough Nethershards to purchase the Felbat Pup!



Now that the important stuff is out of the way, I’m running my Warlock, Priest #2, Demon Hunter and Death Noob through the Invasions just for gear.

Shocker #1:  I’m getting quite fond of my Demon Hunter, so I got her a garrison going and went to the SW Panda area to use the portal for Pandaland to set her hearthstone at the shrine.

Guess what?  No portal for Demon Hunters (insert some Lore stuff here) so I had to pick up the Panda “starter” quest at the Hero’s Board and work through the quests until I got the portal to SW.

Apparently DHs have all the flight paths once you get there, you just can’t see the portal until you do the first few quests.

Shocker #2:  If you want the fastest flying and flying in Pandaland be prepared to shell out 7500 gold.

Yup, you gotta pay – all over again.

Demon Hunter Transmog Notes:

Okay, I like the “starter zone” gear and the warglaives with the fancy animation; I even like the Invasion gear, but since there are about 3,000,000+ DHs with the same 2 or 3 outfits, I decided to be different for the moment and transmog my armor (no warglaives transmogs so those stay for now.)

I was flipping through my “closet” when I remembered I had a couple of fancy leather outfits – the blue outfit (Lo’ap’s Set) I put together for my Monk and the now-extinct Cadaverous set I’ve been wearing on my Rogue!

I’m trying the blue one first, and I’ll switch to the Cadaverous set for a while just because it’s not in the game anymore, so my DH can rock it out in some fancy clothes until we see what transmog fun Legion has to offer!