Okay, so I folded and made a DH.

I deleted my baby Druid for her name (like I was going to play a Druid anyway), spent waaay too much time in the character creation screens for face and hairstyles, then started the DH zone.

I was doing okay until I got some new spells, then suddenly most of them were greyed out because I had nothing to build Fury.

So…I spent the 2nd half of the starter zone with Auto Attack.

I looked it up on Icy Veins and well…I didn’t have Demon’s Bite.  I do remember having something to press that generated Fury but now I don’t have it anymore.

Checked the Talents and nothing much there I could see, so if anyone has a Havoc DH out of the starter zone, I’d appreciate a hint at what spells I should be using 😀

I did the pre-launch quests on a couple of toons and oh boy, get the tissues out.  No spoilers but have some handy.  As always, the Blizzard cinematics are top-notch.

A special word to the Blizzard Art Department – you guys ROCK!  I hope Blizzard gives all of you a huge bonus and a new car or something because you guys deserve it.

I wasn’t going to take any more toons to the invasion events until I read about the PET you can buy with Nethershards so guess who’s going to be doing all the events?

I also picked up some of the lovely Blue 700 gear from the Legion Chests so I’ll be running my Warlock, Priest(s) and Death Noob through them so they won’t get killed too often when Legion drops.

So if you got the expansion and have access to the DH, make one.  They have some great animations and are fun to play…when the keys actually light up 😉