So…today I get this email from Blizzard:


Note the part that says “You’ve already proven to be one of the top competitors in the realm…”

Ummm….maybe I forgot something?  Better check my Arena Achievements:


Nope, still only one Achievement for…you know…winning ONE Arena match.

I do recall that particular match was helping a buddy get his points or whatever they get and all I had to do was die (easy for me.)  Since I died in the first 2 seconds of the match, my buddy carried the entire thing to victory all by himself.

Technically, I didn’t really earn that Achievement but it’s probably the best Achievement I’ll ever get for Arena.

So…if Blizzard has flagged me as “one of the top competitors in the realm,” how bad are the other guys?

Maybe I have a shot at Arena Glory at Blizzcon after all…