Okay just so you know it’s not my fault!

Well maybe a little…you be the judge.

Anyway, I was minding my own business, going through my email when what’s this?

No, not a Legion Alpha or Beta invite (triple poo on you, Blizzard!), a “special offer” – log into my second account (used for RAF and abandoned a long time ago) and claim my free WoD AND a level 90 Boost AND 7 days free game time!

Yes, I’m a sucker so I logged in and saw I had only one character – a level 20-something Warlock.

I thought since I have a wonderful Warlock (let’s face it – her transmog alone, worthless legendary ring and green fire puts her at #1) maybe I’ll create a new character for the level 90 boost!

What shall it be?

I went through the character creation screen looking at all my options, and guess what I made?

A cute little Panda Priest!



I know what you’re thinking….

“Are you crazy?  Don’t you already have 2 Priests, both with Legendary rings and one of them is a Panda?”

Why yes, yes I do…

Don’t judge me!

It could have been worse…it could have been another Death Noob!  Believe me, it was a close call.

Anyway, I just boosted her to 90 from level 2 and got her up to level 92 with a level 1 Garrison.

What took the most time was her transmog – I think it’s the tailoring Crimson Silk set.  The gloves and belt don’t match too well so I’m looking for alternatives.

I think the Sulfur Stave would be nice with this so I took her to Naxx, promptly aggroed the entire instance and barely escaped from an embarrassing death.

No stave, not even any boss drops or tokens I could use except an ugly dress.

I bought her a 1 month token, so I have time to get the stave and decide if I have enough gold to keep 2 accounts open.

Might be cheaper just to transfer her to my main account…

Yeah, I need another Priest…