Remember my post about getting Priest #2 her Ring by running a bunch of LFRs?

Well…it just so happened that I was cleaning up her bags today when I noticed a fancy-shmancy  helm tucked between a stack of leftover fish and some Raw Scraps.

I assumed I picked it up during one of my many LFR runs because let’s face it – after a few they all tend to blur together – and promptly forgot about it.

I opened up my character sheet to equip it and…

You guessed it.


I was wearing my Fishing Hat.

Now, we all know this is nothing new as I’ve boldly DPS’d and healed through many a raid with Fishing Hats, Fishing Poles and Safari Hats.

What is interesting this time around is that I have no idea how long I’ve been wearing the hat.

I remember fishing up the Riding Turtle a long time ago, but that was on my Death Noob (makes note to check what Death Noob is wearing on her head.)

I don’t remember fishing on my Priest, so it’s entirely possible I’ve been running all the LFRs since January with my Fishing Hat.

I assume Blizzard’s logs would know how long I’ve been wearing my Fishing Hat, so…

Hey Blizzard!  How about a Special Achievement (and pet reward, of course) for The Most LFRs Run With A Fishing Hat?

Oh and by the way…yeah…I was healing in all of them…