Or should I say “Queen of the Rings?”

Yup, I finally got my last Priest her magic, highly useful, legendary, a-lot-of-work-for-nothing-if-you-don’t-raid ring.


Hooray I guess…

That’s 3 rings – two Priests and one Warlock.

And that’s it – I don’t think I could stomach doing another one as much as I would love to get one of my DKs a ring.

I have yet to use it or even see it in action.

I liked the Magic Cape – it had a nice visible proc to remind you of a job well done, and it was actually useful for solo stuff or teamwork.

Don’t even see the stupid thing on your character.

Oh well.

On the bright side, while running my last few LFRs for the tomes, my Priest got PANTS!!! and a robe for a total of 4/6 pieces.

On the downside, I’ve been carrying around a 640-something level staff.

Sure, I’ve picked up 3 680-something daggers and 2 one-hand maces, but NO FLIPPING OFFHAND!!!

Oops…sorry caps….


I guess I can keep running LFR until Legion goes lives….ick.

But I got my last ring so yay for me!