I’m sure everyone knows by now that the release date for Legion has been announced!


I hope.

I never did get an Alpha invite (double poo on you, Blizzard!) so all I can do is hope that there won’t be anything like those flipping Apexis dailies.

But I’m not counting on it.

Actually, I’m more worried about re-learning my favorite classes again, specifically Warlocks and Priests.


The “new” Destro doesn’t sound very good and the Priests…well, don’t get me started on the “new” Shadow.  I’m also worried about Disc and Holy.

Maybe not so much Holy because Blizz doesn’t seem to mess that up too badly every new expansion but Disc?


I remember the “good old days” when Cata was first released.  Disc Priests were so bad I would get kicked from a dungeon right at the start because I was in Disc spec.

Yeah…looking forward for something new to do in WoW but NOT looking forward to the new class stuff.  When you’re mediocre at best like I am with Priests and Warlocks, learning new classes is a royal pain in the butt and sucks the fun out of a new expansion.

So to take my mind off the class dread, I went to the pet store to get my new “princess” Misty a couple of new cat beds that were on sale because she doesn’t use the one I got for her when she was adopted.

So much for new cat beds...

So much for new cat beds…

Yup…she picked the box… 😛