And we can expect 4″ of more snow tomorrow!

Good day to stay in and play WoW…

Only 12 more of those stupid Tomes left to get for Priest #2 so I figure that’s about 124873 LFR runs…


So I took a break from LFR/Garrison crap and went for the latest Hearthstone cross-over.  Something about a Paladin skin or something if you level a character to 20 (not retroactive.)

The closest to level 20 I found was a Priest (surprise!) at level 13 so I loaded her up with heirlooms and got her to level 20 in a few hours.

I got the achievement and the Paladin thing in Hearthstone but since I don’t play Hearthstone any more (I’m a couple of expansions behind and it would cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars to catch up fast) it’s kind of “meh” but it was something to do.

Anyway, with the Canadian dollar tanking into nothing right now it’s not a good time to buy anything in USD.

The latest Hearthstone expansion would cost more than the Legion expansion so…

Still no Overwatch Beta invite (poo on you, Blizzard!!)

I guess it’s going to open Beta sometime but I lost interest in it when I heard about the paying for lock boxes scam planned in Overwatch.

Yeah, I want to pay $80.00 CND for the game and pay for in-game lock boxes…no thanks.

Thank goodness for Tokens or I wouldn’t be playing WoW at all.