No flipping Love Rocket.

12 toons (almost) every day for the entire event.

But at least I know I’m not alone.

Unless you got one, in which case A GNOME POX UPON YOU or…errr…. what I meant to say was “Hey! Grats!”

I haven’t posted anything for a while because nothing is happening in WoW at the moment.

Log in, do garrison crap, log out.

I should really finish up the Legendary ring for Priest #2 – I think I got 18/33 of those stupid tomes – but when I think about queuing for LFR…I just log out.

I don’t have Legion Alpha, I don’t have Beta Overwatch, I’ve fallen behind on Heroes so I’ve been spending my “gaming” time watching Netflix.

Now, that might sound like fun if you get American Netflix, but I get Canadian Netflix which gives us mostly British TV and movies.


I hate British stuff.  It’s soooooo boring and I can’t understand what they are saying.

The only thing worse are Canadian productions.  They are a horror beyond imaging.

The most entertaining part of any Canadian production is watching for when the boom mike hits someone on the head.  I think it’s written somewhere in our Charter of Rights.

I’ve also had a few “real life” setbacks so my dream of getting an iPad Pro (with the Pencil!) has been put on hold for the next 35 years.

So no fun toy for my artwork.

I did find a nice picture of the iPad Pro so I carry that around and pretend I’m doing artwork on it during coffee break.

My co-workers think I’m nuts but they’re not gamers or artists so to hell with them.

Hey Blizzard – how about a Legion Alpha invite before I drop dead of boredom?


Are you listening?