Apparently Blizzard was having a few “connection” problems yesterday that resulted in some interesting ummm…”fun.”

I logged into my Warlock to start the never-ending Winter Veil dailies (on about 11 100s – you do the math lol) and took the birdie to the quest area.

All was well until I was finished and tried to hearth out of the there – “Transfer aborted – instance not found.”

Yup, my Garrison had apparently disappeared into the Great Void so I took the birdie back just in case I could maybe bypass the glitch by walking in.

Well, it kinda worked – I got back to a completely empty Garrison.  It was a little unnerving.  Sort of like every horror story you’ve ever read where everyone suddenly disappears and you just know the crazy guy with the axe is lurking about somewhere.

Then I spotted some movement and it was one NPC – a Lumberjack running around with an axe – see above horror story.

He was running around rather erratically and dumping big piles of lumber everywhere including some floating in the air and in front of my town hall.


Interesting part is…I don’t have a Lumberyard on this character.  I might have had one at the start of WoD so the Lumberjack could be a “leftover” NPC or…see above horror story.

Anyway, I couldn’t turn in my quests so I logged off and logged on another character.

Everything worked fine for the rest of my characters – especially my Rogue – who got the Minion of Grumpus mount!

It’s not a very pretty mount but it’s one more towards the 250 mount achievement so I’ll take it.

I’m actually relieved I don’t have to do the dailies any more on my lesser-geared 100s.

My Shaman, Rogue and new Paladin would do okay if they didn’t get two or more Grumplings after them, but yikes!  It was practically insta-death for my poor Warrior and Monk (ilvl about 604 so…yeah…)

I think they are going to be happy to get back to Garrison duties instead of taking their chances with Grumplings.