I’ve been after those flipping Miniature Winter Veil Tree Daggers for my Rogue for flipping forever.

I finally got them a year? or two? ago? and promptly forgot about them until today.

All my Rogue has been doing is Garrison Blah stuff so she doesn’t get out much anymore until the Winter Veil dailies for pets and the mount.

So a little “festive” transmog magic and….

Don me now my Cloak of Shadows

Stabby-stabby-stab, stab-stab-stab-stab!

Tis the Season to be Stealthy

Stabby-stabby-stab, stab-stab-stab-stab!

Sap your butt and Pick your Pocket

Stabby-stabby, Stabby-stab, stab-stab-stab!

Watch me Vanish with your Wallet

Stabby-stabby-stab, stab-stab-stab-stab!


Ah, the Holiday Season!