Okay – remember my dilemma about boosting my Draenei Paladin because I didn’t like her name (same as my Hunter) and I wanted a Human Paladin because let’s face it – this Paladin was only temporary anyway.

I didn’t want to spend the money (a sizable chunk) for a race and name change, and I was too lazy to level up a new Human Paladin to level 60 so…

Yeah.  I did it anyway.

I leveled up another Human Paladin to level 60 (with the more sensible name of “Mistycat” after my new adopted cat) and used my “free” Legion boost to 100.

It wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be because I leveled as Ret until level 15 then switched to Holy for Dungeon runs.

I was doing pretty good – almost all my runs were filled with Heirloom-wearing baby toons and with the changes to the dungeons (when did that happen???) things went really fast.

I was having fun healing since I only had about 3 healing spells to spam and I actually thought this could be my 100-level Paladin calling.

Until I hit around level 40+ and Dire Maul.


The tank died on me 3 times before we got to the first boss.  It wasn’t because he was pulling half the instance or doing anything unusual or stupid, he just went squish before I could get a heal on him.

And I started running OOM at an alarming rate.

We wiped a few times and I couldn’t find my way back to the group.  The Mythic Baby Raid a.k.a. Gnomeregan was less of a challenge.

So I went back to Ret and got to level 60 by questing.

Then the big boost – with Blacksmithing and Engineering – and my newly-minted Paladin was level 100 – sitting in a level 3 Garrison.

Yup.  Just what I need.  Another level 100 on Garrison Chores Duty.

The boost was also accompanied by an Nag Quest to get to Tanaan Jungle and get that Shipyard going.

I want to play my Paladin but Apexis dailies and Follower/Ship stuff well….ugh.

I can’t do it.

Maybe I’ll get the Holy spec going again and queue as Healer for LFR…