It finally happened…I got PANTS!!

I also got the hood so now I’ve got all the lovely LFR Felfume outfit except the Felfume Robes.

I didn’t even have to use my bonus rolls to get them so it’s been quite a shocking night for LFR.

I switched my Holy Priest over to Disc because I just couldn’t do anything running out of mana every two seconds.

I’m pretty rusty on Disc so even doing the “basic” stuff I never seemed to use much mana at all and still would be in top two healers.

I don’t like the atonement healing much so I’d do enough to get my Archangel when I needed it and then forget about it.

So….I got my baby Pally up to level 60 so she’s ready to go for the Big Boost but…

She’s a Draenei and I’d rather have a Human, and because she was just a “temporary” toon I gave her the same name as my Hunter on the other connected realm.

I guess I could cough up the money for a name/race change but ugh….

Or I could level up another toon but ugh…

Oh well.

I have a more pressing issue…what to use for her transmog!  I don’t really want the “standard” Pally outfits or the platekini sets, so I thought the Enchanted Adamantite set I use on my Death Noob might be nice.

Only problem with that is the person who made it for me isn’t around anymore so I took my Blacksmith Warrior back to TBC and got him exalted with the Scryers in a couple of days of grinding.

Got the recipes, made the set and then remembered that matching shoulders and gloves were quest rewards I probably didn’t keep or select when leveling up my Pally.

I’ll have to see if I can restore them if I got them, or just wait until Legion comes out with all the fun transmog updates.

I’m still on the fence about using my 100 boost on my Pally.  I certainly don’t need another Warlock, Priest or Death Noob although you never know.

I’ve got every other class at 100 except Druid.  My poor Druid is stuck at 70 because I just don’t like playing it very much.  I’m terrible with Cat (go figure I couldn’t play Cat!) and I hate Boomkin with that silly Eclipse thing.

So that just leaves a Pally.

All these tough decisions….

But at least I got PANTS!!