With Heals N Heels celebrating a 5th Blogiversary (Yay Heals!) I remembered getting a WordPress notice about my Blogiversary and promptly forgot about it.

It seems I’ve been blabbing a lot about pretty much nothing for eight – you read that right – eight years.

I’ve only been blogging about WoW for 6 years (yikes!)   I actually started yapping about WoW on a different blog shortly after I started playing and soon abandoned the other blog to start this blog.

So for your amusement, I’m going to bring you my very first WoW blog – with screenshots!

Night Elf Hunter? Check!

Mix of Gear including Intellect Cloth? Check!

Melee Weapon? Check!

Total Noob? Check!

Yes, I actually thought Intellect would make me a smarter Hunter.  I still have this character and my precious Ghost Saber pet!

I started playing sometime in December 2009, and my first “official” WoW post was January 18, 2010:

Taming the Ghost Saber

If you’ve never played World of Warcraft, this won’t mean much to you but since it relates to ghosts I thought it deserved a mention.

I’ve only been play WoW for a few weeks as a Hunter and one of the “perks” of the class is the ability to tame pets. I was looking for an interesting pet at the Petopia site and found the unusual “Ghost Saber” cat.

Ghost Sabers are spawned from the little cat statues scattered around the Ruins of Mathystra in northern area of Darkshore. The statues are a little difficult to find, and usually drop a cat statue. If you’re lucky, one will spawn a Ghost Saber you can tame.

The first time I went hunting for a Ghost Saber all I got were the statues (about 6). I also had a problem keeping the mobs away as their respawn rate is fairly fast, and of course you can’t take your current pet along if you want to tame a new pet.

So the second time I tried, I stabled my current cat and recruited a Warrior to come along to keep the mobs away. I just followed the advice from other sites on taming the Ghost Saber – find a cat statue, set a Freeze Trap, open the statue, rinse and repeat.

Finding a Cat Statue

Finding a Cat Statue

We only managed to find two statues, but I got lucky and the second statue spawned the Ghost Saber. I had set the Freeze Trap and the Ghost Saber spawned in my trap so I was able to tame it with no problems.

Ghost Saber Tamed

Ghost Saber Tamed

After it was tamed, it did die for no reason (this was mentioned on other sites) but using Revive Pet brings it right back – just make sure you have some pet food along!

What is so special about the Ghost Saber? It has the same abilities as any other Cat class pet, but it is always semi-transparent (similar to Stealth mode) and a definite “must-have” if you enjoy pets that are unusual and unique!

Ghost Saber

Ghost Saber