I feel like I’ve done this before…

Anyway, I’ve been running my cute Panda Priest through LFR for the Legendary stuff and gear, and wouldn’t you know it?

Pants have been conspicuously absent from boss drops.

In fact, up until this week, my Priest was wearing – wait for it – Dungeon pants she got early in the expansion.

You read that right – Dungeon pants.

Not even Heroic Dungeon pants.

I kept telling my self “this week, I’ll get pants!” until I finally broke down and made her some Tailor pants.

Take a look at her gear – if you’ve got the stomach for it.

A Pumpkin ring from the Hallow’s End boss.

A variety of Baleful gear with all the wrong stats.

A crafted trinket.

One 685 set piece.

Two 660 set pieces.

I actually bought the Everburning Candle trinket because when healing LFR I run out of mana in about 2 seconds.

You know why I run out of mana?

Because I haven’t got any PANTS!!

*bangs head on keyboard*

That’s my theory and I’m sticking with it.