I’m probably the last to know about this, but TERKY!!



She (yes, it’s a she) is an easy pet to get – go to Northrend and fly to the Borean Tundra where the tower is in Riplash Ruins island (remember that quest? I died sooo many times…)

The “short” version from WoWHead:

Dive down in the water right beside the tower until you are about halfway to the bottom and look for a bunch of tall weeds.

Behind the weeds is a (very) small entrance to a cave. Follow it around until you get to a nest with large egg in it.

That isn’t the pet – the egg you want is a smaller one behind the nest. Click on it to loot “White Murloc Egg” and the pet is yours.  It respawns very fast so you don’t have to wait around forever if there is a crowd.

It’s unique so just one per account.

Best part of all – YES – it does the “top hat” song and dance.  It isn’t very often, but since I’m betting you will have this pet out a lot you’ll probably get to see it.