That is the <insert price of expansion> question.

Yes I’ll be there, but which characters will go?

This is where it gets tough because WoD hasn’t been exactly alt-friendly so most of my alts have been sitting in garrisons doing the odd missions or profession work.

Of course my Warlock is going – green fire and all – and I’d like to take my Death Noob because Ice Bringer from Frostmourne and my cute little Panda Priest because..well, she’s adorable.

But yeech.

My Warlock hasn’t finished the Legendary ring yet, my Priest is stuck on the first whatever stupid LFR drops and my Death Noob had the first Legendary quest in her quest log.

Yup, you read that right – she hadn’t done the first quest yet.

So…I switched her to Frost (yeah like I’m going to tank lol), got the first ring and then hit the wall because those core quests are in Heroic dungeons.

And you know what that means…

Silver Proving Grounds.

I don’t think I ever got the Bronze one for Tanking, so I tried Frost and got Silver my second try.

Queue up for just the dungeons I need and I was happy to see that the train one was just as miserable a PuG breaker as it’s always been.

Oh, and my Death Noob has the astonishing ilvl of 649.

I don’t know how to play Frost either.

I looked it up but I don’t get the runes thing (never did) so I wind up just mashing buttons when they light up.

Turns out I do pretty decent dps using the “roll face on keyboard” technique so it looks like my Death Noob is going Frost for Legion.

My only regret is that I never leveled up a Paladin.

Yeah, Ashbringer…