I admit it.

I haven’t been playing WoW much lately.

I log in and with just more Apexis Crystal dailies and finding rares/treasures for whatever that quest is and then more BONUS Apexis Crystal dailies well…

I just kind of zone out.

Oh.  I forgot.

The Shipyard.

I’ve blown my entire supply of Garrison resources “upgrading” my ships so I get 100% or close so I don’t get them destroyed.

I’m stuck on Shipyard missions at the moment because I need another submarine and all I’ve been getting are Green ones.

I log in, check for another Green sub, decommission it and start another sub work order, log out.

I have been playing a lot of HoTS lately – mostly just Quick Matches.

I’ve been having fun with Leoric and got my favorite Li Li up to max level 20.

Still waiting for her “Festival” outfit to go on sale…


I was at the pet store a couple of weeks ago shopping for a new litter box (don’t ask.)

The pet store has cats and dogs for adoption from the local animal shelter, and the litter boxes were by the cats and…

Yeah, you can guess the rest.



I couldn’t help it.  She was looking at me with those big green “please give me home” eyes and since she’s an “older” cat she was on the “needs it the most” list.

So I adopted her and went home with two litter boxes, a new cat carrier, a new cat bed, two new cat dishes and a giant water bowl.

I was on vacation for a couple weeks so it was the perfect time to “introduce” Misty to Loki over a few days, monitor their interaction and resolve any cat disputes.

There was a bit of hissing and paw-batting but with the great equalizer – food – things are going better than expected.

I took her for a vet check (with her “rap” sheet) and she’s up-to-date on all her shots and the vet declared her healthy.  She already had been spayed and had a micro-chip/tattoo so she’s all set.

Except for one thing.

She’s a “medium” long hair cat and under all that hair well…she’s a bit porky so the vet put her on some “fat cat” food with instructions on how much she gets a day.

Well, apparently Misty wasn’t paying attention when the vet was discussing food portions.

Although the “menu” is “acceptable”, the portion is not quite what she expects, and she will complain to the “waiter” frequently and loudly.

She’s even tried to scare Loki away from his food so I have to “monitor” the entire dinner service to make sure everyone gets their share.

Other than moments of outrage over the portion issue, she’s a very sweet, friendly, affectionate cat who loves to be petted and brushed (and oh boy she needs brushing) and the occasional tummy rub.

Still have a few cat issues once in a while but for the last couple of days they’ve been sitting beside each other watching “Cat TV” (big picture window with lots of birds and squirrels in the yard.)

It’s so nice to have a little “family” again…