If I didn’t need a ship yard for the Legendary…

I’d turn the ship yard into a BBQ pit and the ships into floating casinos.

Yes, it’s like the followers.

No, it’s a lot more convoluted game play.

So far, you can only send a maximum of two ships per mission.

Of course, none of your two ships have all the counter-abilities so you get to run around camping rares, running LFR and doing other stuff to get the “blueprints” for the upgrades you need.

Why bother with upgrades?

Because if your mission isn’t 100%, it could fail and you lose your ships.

You read that right – your ships are permanently destroyed.

All your resources, oil, upgrades (at 500 garrison resources a pop) are having lunch with the fishies.

But there’s more!

You need Rare and Epic ships to upgrade because the Green ones won’t take an upgrade.

Sure, you can try to “level” your green ship but that will take forever.  It’s better to keep building/destroying ships until you get a Rare or Epic version.

And that takes – you guessed it – more resources!

Normally I wouldn’t care because well…I hate FB games so I had only planned to do the minimum amount I needed for the Legendary but then it happened.

I got the “Left Shark” pet mission.

If the missions succeeds, you get the Left Shark pet – a shark in a giant bubble.

Hell Yes!

It took me a few days (and a ton of resources) building/destroying ships until I got a couple of Rares and an Epic.

Then I ran all over Tanaan Jungle camping rares, killing stuff for rep – whatever I had to do to get the blueprint upgrades I needed so I had a 100% chance at the mission.

Because Blizzard “chance” is NOT the same as real world “chance.”

In the real world, for example, a 97% chance would make one think “Hey, I have a 97% chance for success.  That sounds pretty good!  I have a 3% chance at failure so I’m going with those odds!”

It doesn’t work like that in Blizzard Land.

If you have less than a 100% chance, then the chance you have at success is only 50%.

So…if you have a 99% success rate for a mission, you only really have a 50% chance at success.

Remember the “good old days” of follower missions that failed at 100%?

The forums are full of people who had all their ships destroyed at 97% missions.


Of course, “failure” means that you’ve lost all your stuff so you get to go farm it all again.

Great way to keep you playing…

Anyway, after consulting numerous spread sheets to figure out my ship upgrades, I got a 100% mission and got my Left Shark Pet.

Didn’t even have to wait 2 days.  I destroyed my Dwarven Bunker and got a level 3 Mage Tower for the Instant Mission Completion thing.

Rumor has it the Legendary mission can’t do better than 97%…