Yo dawg.

We hear you like Apexis dailies to go with your purchased Apexis dailies so 6.2 has more Apexis dailies!

We also hear you like rep grinds so we’ve added in massive rep grinds to go with your Apexis dailies!

But that’s not all!

We’ve gated flying behind Apexis dailies and rep grinds so you’ll have about a month of Apexis dailies and rep grinds!

Maybe more if Patch 6.2.x with flying won’t be done for a while!

See you in Tanaan Jungle!

Tin Foil Hat time:  Blizzard planned this all along…”no flying” was just a red herring.  They knew no one wanted more Apexis dailies and rep grinds, so the only way to get players to do them was to gate flying behind it.

I’m not sure if I want flying more than I hate Apexis dailies and rep grinds.  It’s a dice roll, and Blizzard’s dice are always loaded 😀