I was so sick of garrison chores I finished up leveling my Hunter.

Yes, a NE Hunter.  I know, I know….

At least I didn’t name her Legolas or some variation.

I had an ulterior motive though – the Hunter pet quests that lead to taming Gara.

The quest items were collected around Draenor zones so I had to level her up anyway.

I got Gara and picked up a couple of other pets on my questing travels including a couple of hydras and rylaks.

Gara - fun Hunter Pets quests

Gara – fun Hunter Pets quests

"Gennadian" Hydra - look more pink than red to me!

“Gennadian” Hydra – look more pink than red to me!

Once I hit 100, I ran over to Dinosaur Isle to get the Ancient Tome of Dinomancy to tame a couple of Direhorns and Raptors.

Well getting the book to drop took forever, but I finally got one after about 2 hours of killing Dinomancers after I smartened up and just stayed on the boat instead of running around the island.

Got a blue one and a green/pink one

Got a blue one and a green/pink one

Isle of Giants is still a very, very busy place. I’m guessing people are still farming up the million bones or whatever to get the mount.

I might be doing that too one of these days because I’m running out of mounts for the Achievement to get the Felfire Hawk.  I think my only options left are rare drops and extremely expensive mounts at this point so it might be a few years before I get the achiev.

I was flying (yes, flying!!!) my Hunter around Northrend hoping to spot Loque’nahak (yeah forget that dream with CRZ…thanks Blizz) when I noticed Alliance had Wintergrasp and there was a little under 2 hours until the next battle.

So I started running my 100 “roster” through Vault of Archavon and Lucky Character #5 – my healing Priest – got the mount.

Only 5 runs!

Only 5 runs!

So that makes 220 mounts for me – only 30 more to go.

I’ve added my Hunter to my Zul’Gurub Raptor Run of Disappointment, so that’s about 8 characters I run through there every day with no luck at all.

I suppose it’s the RNG gods payback because I got the Panther mount first run…

And let’s not forget that another level 100 drags along another level 3 Garrison.

This time I’m not even going to bother getting the mine or herb garden past level 1.

Speaking of Garrisons, I remembered that now we can look for player-made groups, so my Warlock  finally snagged the last Harrison Jones quest I needed for the achievement.

Harrison Jones follower

Harrison Jones follower

Not sure if he’s worth all the trouble for a follower, but it’s one more thing off the Garrison list of boring stuff to do.

One side bonus from doing the last quest – I guess I killed enough mobs at the Apexis daily site to hit 100,000 Apexis Crystals for the Achiv and Monument.



So…now I have a Monument to the most mind-numbingly boring WoD “activity” that even makes Archaeology look fun.

And more Apexis dailies crap to come in 6.2 tomorrow.

Lucky, lucky me….

Speaking of 6.2, the only – and I mean the ONLY – good thing about it is we get flying back even though it’s tied to a bunch of achievements and other hoop-jumping nonsense including the standard Blizzard rep grinds.

I got my Warlock all caught up with the pre-6.2 flying requirements so now all I have left are the 6.2 rep grinds.

I’m glad we’re getting flying back although I suspect this was the plan all along just so they could tie it to more mindless crap instead of giving us actual content.

If you want to see how much you need to do, WoWHead has a tool so you can load in a character and it will tell you what you have left for WoD flying pre-6.2 requirements.

Then all you got left are more Apexis dailies and a rep grind…

Yeah, that’s not content.