Hard to believe, but I made it to Level 40 in HoTS.

Who would believe it?

Who would believe it?

I also got my favorite character Li Li up to level 10 to unlock her Master Skin, so I thought what the heck and blew 10k gold on it.

Li Li Level 10

Li Li Level 10

But that’s not all…

The Tiger mount was on sale this week and of course Li Li needs a lovely tiger mount to ride so…

Yeah, I needed this...

Yeah, I needed this…

And if that isn’t enough, Blizz is coming out with a “Hearthstone Card” mount to unlock for HoTS if you play 100 games in Hearthstone.

It’s retroactive, so if you’ve played 100+ games in “Play” mode then the mount is yours.  I checked to see how many games I played (it’s on the same screen as the daily quests) and I have over 400 so I should get the mount “soon.”

Haven’t been doing much in WoW except the AT dailies (still need a few more days for the last mount) and running ZG for the raptor mount.

No sign of it yet, but I did get the Graves pet and leveled it to 25.

I don’t even do the garrison chores much anymore, but there should be more to do when 6.2 comes out.  I hear there are going to be new and exciting Apexis dailies and a shipyard that works just like the mission table….yay?