Aside from a few disconnect issues, the launch went pretty well.

I actually won a few games (shocking, I know!) and made it to level 30, got the “fancy” portrait frame and the Hero League! (Yeah, like I’m going there lol.)

Yay! Bottom Rank 50!

Yay! Bottom Rank 50!

Okay, so we’re not doing Hero League for a while but I did get the promo HoTS mounts – Mechanospider and Ironside Dire Wolf.

Had to reactivate FB for this one :P

Had to reactivate FB for this one 😛

Thank goodness for “Get the Mount” FB friends – and a few real friends!

Ironside Dire Wolf

Ironside Dire Wolf

This wolf mount is unlocked in HoTS if you have a 100 level character in WoW – easy peasy for most of us!

There is another Dire Wolf you can purchase, but we all know the WoW perk version is much, much better!

Still waiting for the Graves pet in WoW, and the Hearthstone card back.

I’ve been checking once in a while but so far haven’t seen them.

Come on Blizz, I suffered much pain and losses to get to level 20 – gimme my PET!!!

I’m actually starting to enjoy HoTS.  I’ve been playing the Support healer Lili and she’s a ton of fun.

I even broke down and purchased the new Crusader package because you know, Crusader!  Only got her to level 4 so I’m just playing the AI until I stop dying every 2 seconds.

Meanwhile, back in WoW…

Ugh…garrison chores…