With the big HoTS launch June 2, I thought I’d try to hit level 30.

I didn’t quite make it.

Long way to go

Long way to go

I figure I have to win about 20 games or if I lose, about 500 games to get to level 30.

Here are my stats so far:

Total games

Total games

And…here are my wins:

Games won

Games won

So as of this post I’ve played 111 games and won 40.  That’s a win rate of something-something insert math here *head explodes.*


I figure with the launch it will be impossible to play for a few days, so back to the garrison(s) for me – ugh.

Aside from boring garrison chores and running a few toons through ZG for the raptor mount (no sign of it yet), I’ve been doing the AT dailies on my DK and Priest for the mounts.

I’ve managed to get enough seals on both for one mount each, so I only have one AT mount left to get.

Ah, the good old days of Wrath.

AT dailies beats the heck out of garrison chores.

I’m going to miss it.