Well, I happened to have a run of good luck and it only took about 3 or 4 Quick Match wins to get to level 20!

I think I won 3 in a row which is unprecedented.  I was actually starting to believe I was getting better at the game until I looked at the “after game” stats.

Yeah, I was at the bottom for everything except deaths.

I have to say it does make a huge difference when you and your team know the map objectives.  In one Sky Temple match the team functioned like a well-oiled machine with everyone knowing where to go and what to do.

Usually I don’t like that map, but this time we stomped the enemy into the ground and it was a blast.

The dream is real!

The dream is real!

I played most of the games with Muradin.  Arthus was in the “free rotation” this week so I tried a few AI matches with him and boy is he squishi!

Of course it could just be me not playing him very well, but yikes!  I haven’t died so much since I leveled up my Mage.

I should also mention that I’ve lost every single AI match I’ve ever played except maybe one.

I was actually having fun playing Muradin, so I ran a few extra Quick Matches to kick me over into level 21 just to be sure I “qualified” for the pet.

I hope that’s all I need and Blizzard doesn’t decide that to get the pet you need to be in Hero League (Level 30 and own 10 heroes) because that would be way beyond my grind/skill level.

The game isn’t really as horrible as I anticipated.

I just might keep playing once in a while now that I’ve got a few of my own Heroes and I’ve racked up 14k gold leveling up, playing tutorials, dailies and Quick Matches.

You still have time to get to level 20 and get Graves.

If a totally, unskilled complete Noob like me can get there, so can you!