I do, and I know you do (whether you admit it or not) so…

Heroes of the Storm is in open Beta now, and if you get to Level 20 in HoTS you get a WoW pet – Graves.

Okay – I’ve never played these types of games (except maybe once or twice very badly) so I’m looking for some rabid pet enthusiasts to team up with to get this pet.

Apparently the “easiest” (but not the best) way to get to level 20 is to play against the AI.

However, if you team up with a friend or two against the AI there is a massive experience boost.  You even get experience if you lose (not as much as if you won, of course) so it’s pretty much just grinding out games to get to level 20.

It’s F2P so I don’t think any money has to be spent.  There are some experience boosts once can buy, heroes, skins, etc. but I just want the pet and I have the “Valla” hero from the WoD CE or something that I’ve been playing.

I’ve played a few games in closed Beta and I’m at level 2.

Yeah, I need some help.

So if you are interested in teaming up for a few matches let me know.  I’m usually on Battle.net doing something evenings and weekends (actually just running in circles around my garrison fountain) so I can drop everything for a game or two.

I should add I’m on NA so I don’t know if I can team up with EU or not.

I know, I know….but it’s a PET!!

Blizzard knows the “magic words” to get me playing a game that normally wouldn’t hit my radar.