I couldn’t face one more minute of Archaeology and I was getting tired of seeing my poor Warlock’s face sticking through her helm, so I looked through my “extensive” transmog collection and tried something new.

Or rather, something old – TBC old.

So for a blast from the past I give you

Merciless Gladiator’s Dreadgear

Merciless Gladiator Felweave

Merciless Gladiator Felweave

I have to admit it looks pretty Evil-Warlock-y.

Better yet, my Sulfur Stave looks good with the set.

Sulfur Stave

Sulfur Stave

And for that “Extra Evil” touch, I tossed on the Cloak of Mastery I’ve been holding on to forever.

Cloak of Mastery

Cloak of Mastery

This might be a good Warlock transmog look for Draenor.

We’ve got the retro TBC look going on. I get to use my Sulfur Stave. Who can argue with a big skull on your cloak?

Heck, we’ve even got the “Gul’dan” thing going on with the spiky shoulder skulls.

Don’t ask me why I have the PvP version instead of the Corruptor set.  I have a few of the Corruptor pieces but for some reason I have all of the PvP set.

Go figure.

At least my face isn’t sticking out of my helm…

Beta – Legacy of the Void

I got a Beta invite to Starcraft II, Legacy of the Void.

It’s legit because it was on my account, so I downloaded it.

I’ve never played Starcraft II so I downloaded the “free” version and went through the tutorial.

The tutorial is hilarious.  Some cyborg female explaining the controls etc. – the usual stuff you get in a basic “how to play.”

What makes me laugh is whenever I do something stupidly simple – like “left click your unit” she *always* follows up with a “Well done, Commander!” as if I had just stopped an alien force from invading the planet.

Always makes me giggle.

The Beta only has multiplayer (so far) so my only choice is to queue up for a 1v1.

Somebody is going to get very easy wins…