You do Archaeology.

Yes, I’m pretty much done – got a couple of Crawling Claws and even had a couple of Bug Mounts pop up.  Got about three Ghostwolf Pups and at least one each of the WoD BoA weapons.

Did my LFR for the week on my Warlock for the Legendary stuff.  Ran Heroic Grimrail on my SPriest to get her last legendary item (I hate that dungeon.)

I noticed my Healing Priest hadn’t got any of the Legendary quest items from Heroic dungeons.  No way I’d queue as a Healer (yeah, Grimrail) so I temporarily ditched my Disc spec for Shadow.

I went to queue up and guess what?  I didn’t have SPG DPS on my Healing Priest.

Back to do SPG and I didn’t get it.  After missing it for the last couple of seconds on wave 8 three or four times I gave up.  Maybe another day.

So there I was again with nothing to do after Garrison chores and flunking SPG.

What do you do when there’s nothing to do?


I dusted off my Survey tool and decided to dig for the most elusive artifact of all time – Zin’rokh, Destroyer of Worlds.

I thought I’d try digging for crates in Draenor, but after getting killed – yes, killed – by some stupid OP Nagrand Talbuks I went back to Pandaria.

I blew a couple of crates on the Mantid Artifact Hunter’s Kit (so you don’t have to fly all over Pandaria) and got crates to turn in for Troll fragments.

No Zin’rokh of course, but I think I finished off all the Mantid Achievements.

Yeah, I’m bored.