I finally broke down and made myself the pretty blue JC Panther mount.

My Warrior Blacksmith had sold one of those upgrade things so I was – for a moment – rolling in gold and it was burning a hole in my pocket.

I thought about blowing it all on a pet (as usual) but there wasn’t anything jumping out at me on the AH that I didn’t already have, so a JC mount won.

I had all the mats, so I just needed to purchase the Orb of Mystery.

Ah, I remember the “good old days” when the guild perk had the price at 18K so now with that gone I had to dish out 20k for the Orb.


Sapphire Panther

Sapphire Panther

I dreaded going back to my Garrison even though I could now run around the fountain in circles on my new mount.

I’ve been sort of running Karazhan and Tempest Keep for the mounts just on my Warlock, so instead of heading back to the Garrison I took my DK on her shiny new mount to kill Attumen the Huntsman.

And the mount dropped.

Fiery Warhorse

Fiery Warhorse

The Armory – as far as I know – doesn’t capture stats for Attumen kills, so I have no idea how many times I killed him.

I didn’t always go every week, sometimes I’d send in 3 or 4 characters and most often just one, so I can’t even make a good guess.

Let’s just say “a lot.”

Of course I ran my DK over to Tempest Keep thinking I might be on a winning streak and get the mount, but I didn’t.

That’s okay – there are plenty of more mounts out there to farm so I’ll have to make a list of what I can solo and perhaps get into a routine.

Anything to get out of my Garrison.

I’ve now got 209/250 for the “Mountactular” Achievement so that’s a long way to go for the Felfire Hawk reward.

But it’s a GREEN FELFIRE Hawk so you know my Warlock is chomping at the bit to get it.