I’ve been spending a lot of time on Archaeology because:

1) I’m bored to tears with Garrison chores and

2) I wanted to find another Vial of the Sands recipe to redeem myself for ditching Alchemy on my Warlock and losing it forever because yes – I’m an Idiot.

So after many weekend hours of mind-numbing dig sites, crating up artifacts and turning them in for Tol’Vir fragments, I got two Canopic Jars in a row pop up and one contained the Recipe: Vial of the Sands.

Yay!  Got it again!

Yay! Got it again!

Cue a moment of panic when the recipe shows as “Already known” when I looted it because somewhere in the dark places of Blizzard’s servers the code still thought I had the recipe.

But I was able to “learn” it, and the recipe is once again safely in my Warlock’s Alchemy book never to be deleted again (unless I have another Idiot moment – could happen.)

I was working on Draenor Archaeology to mix things up a bit so now I’m qualified to give you:

An Unbiased Critique and Analysis of Draenor Archaeology

It sucks.  Big time.

Even if we forget about the no flying thing so you have to ride around and around and up and down all the cliffs and mountains, a much bigger pain in the butt is location, location, location.

Case #1 – Frostfire Ridge

A dig site at the western tip of Frostfire Ridge where my artifact happened to be under two sleeping Elite Garn Nighthowl Wolves with almost 3 million HP each.

Sure, I can sneak around the patrolling wolves but I can’t get near the sleeping ones without getting insta-killed.

Apparently this is a “bug” that is supposed to be fixed in 6.2, but I didn’t find that out until I had racked up a 132g repair bill and a 2 minute rez timer.

You’ll probably have to waste a Crate to get the Draenor Archaeologist’s Map and hope this site disappears.

Case #2 – Talador

Remember that quest you did – “Desperate Measures” in Ango’rash Ruins – and you got the “buff” that spawns spirit Ogres to fight with you?

Well, you still have it, you can’t click it off, and if your dig site pops up there and you kill a mob, your spirit Ogres will spawn.

The problem is your spirit Ogres won’t stop at the mob you killed, they will run around attacking more mobs for you, despawn, and leave you to waste extra time killing half the zone just to dig one artifact.

If you have to kill another mob, rinse and repeat.

Case #3 – Nagrand

Any dig site.

Nagrand has everything to make Archaeology the Most Annoying Activity in WoD – elite mobs, mobs with a tiny aggro range, difficult terrain – you name it.

But now that I’ve got my Vial of the Sands, I can quit Archaeology forever.

Next up – I might try for the 2000 Pet Battles in Draenor Achievement to unlock my Garrison Monument.

I have 403/2000.

I expect this will keep my busy for a while.