I was kicking around ideas for the Growing up in Azeroth contest, and realized my “main” character is usually my  best-geared character because it’s the one I’ll play the most at the moment.

First it was my Hunter, then I tried a Shadow Priest and played that for a long time.

I’ve tried other classes and some I enjoy for their abilities like the Rogue’s Pickpocket, but when the chips were down my Priest was the only character I could play for any remotely difficult content.

I also love my Death Knights even though I’m terrible with the dps specs and can’t tank worth a darn.  I love the idea and the lore so taking a new DK through the starter zone is like re-reading a favorite book.

Actually, I don’t play any class/spec very well.  Probably the least-played for me are the Druid and Paladin.  For some reason I just couldn’t get the whole Druid thing going, and the Paladin play style is still a mystery.

Then came the “free” boosted character with WoD and I must confess I was tempted to boost another Priest, but decided that was a waste because I already had an army of Priests not doing very much.

The only class I had never tried was a Warlock.

I’m not crazy about pet classes, but when the whole Warlock Green Fire quest buzz was going on that sealed the deal for me.

So for all of you out there who want to point fingers at me and scream FoTM Boosted Noob, you’d be absolutely correct.

I leveled up my noobie Human Warlock to 60 to get the profession boost and figured with all that questing I should have a pretty good handle on playing a Warlock when I got my boost to 90.

I was wrong.  Dead wrong.

It didn’t stop me though – I was determined to get Green Fire.

It took me almost 100 attempts to get it – far below the “average” Warlock player.  It was the most frustrating, the most difficult content I’ve ever done in the game.

And oh, what sweet victory when I finally defeated Kanrethad even though I died at the end and had to get my Pit Lord to take him down.

I went back to the Green Fire scenario to get a screen shot for the contest and figured what the heck – while I’m here I’ll try again and see if I can get him down one more time.

I got him before he cast the first Cataclysm and before the first Imps were summoned.

It was almost a little sad that the toughest boss I’ve ever seen went down in seconds without any portals, macros or stat boosts.

But I finally got the screen shot I always wanted – getting my Green Fire in the Black Temple.

My Defining Moment

My Defining Moment

I got the Achievement and the Title for getting it at level 90, and it’s the only Title my Warlock will ever display.

I might still be a “below average” Warlock, but getting Green Fire was one of my best WoW moments.

Maybe I’ll try other classes and who knows?  I might actually find one I can play well who will become my “main.”

My Warlock though, will always be my “main” character whether played or in spirit, until the day the servers are shut down.