Between running around my Garrison fountain in circles and numbing my mind with Archaeology (no Vial yet – *rage*), I decided to work on the Pet Battle Achievement “An Awfully Big Adventure” to get the Trunks pet and get me out of my flipping Garrison.

Trunks! Yes, he's part

Trunks! Yes, he’s part “spirit” so he’s a little transparent.

Note: Yes, I know I should be running LFR to finish up the runes thing but blah….LFR…

All you need to do is battle all the pet tamers in the entire game with an Elekk Plushie on your team.

Fortunately you don’t need to battle the Pandaria Beasts of Fable, but you do need to battle the Pandaren Spirits and the tamers in the Celestial Tournament (excluding the “Celestials” themselves for some reason.)

This post at Murloc Harbor has the best info/team choices.  The WoWHead Guide also has some good advice (pretty much the same teams as Murloc Harbor) and alternative teams in the comments if you get “stuck” or fall victim to the inevitable bad RNG gods.

I managed to knock out most of the tamers over a weekend, but of course the 9 tamers in the Celestial Tournament are random every week and the last set I needed showed up last night.

The good news is it’s fairly easy to two-man all the “regular” tamers.

The bad news is it’s fairly difficult to two-man the Celestial tamers.

I had most of the recommended pets except for one or two required breeds, and a few that were still stuck at level 1.

Since the CT is only once a week, that gave me plenty of time to level up the required pets and run around battling pets for the right breed.

The pet that gave me the most grief to find was a P/P Amethyst Shale Hatchling for the Blingtron 4000 battle.

There are a ton of hatchlings around Therazane’s Throne in Deepholm and I found a few with the P/P breed, but the little monsters have a “Stone Rush” move that does damage to itself and more often than not, kills it.

So…I think I spent a couple of hours battling spiders and waiting for respawns before I finally managed to capture a P/P breed that didn’t kill itself.

It was worth the effort because I only had to fight Blingtron 4000 a couple of times before I won.

More good news about the Achievement – you don’t have to win the CT battles all in one shot.  If you lose, you can exit the CT, heal up your pets, and queue in again.

I had to do this a few times for some of the tamers but I’d usually get the win after about three attempts at the most.

Until I hit the very last tamer I needed for the Achievement – Sully “The Pickle” McLeary.

OMG I could not win this one.

The problem was RNG.  If the enemy team landed a crit, it was game over.  If I didn’t get a crit, it was game over.

Of course RNG always favored the enemy team and they get those “lucky” kills that wiped me out before I barely started.

After about 7 or 8 attempts using the team/strategy at Murloc Harbor (same one at WoWHead), I gave up and started looking for an alternative two-man pet team.

There was none.

So I went back and kept battling/losing/exiting the CT/healing pets/queue for CT until I finally won it after a couple of hours.

I should mention that the guides use a P/S Moth (any type with same moves) and it was just too “squishy” for me.  My last attempt that I won, I switched out the P/S Moth for an H/S Moth.

The extra health did the trick, so if you hit the wall like me, go for Health instead of Power.

Now I remember why I stopped doing the CT after I got the Celestial pets.  If the RNG gods hate you, you don’t stand a chance.