Had you fooled for a minute, didn’t I?

Yup, been rather bored in WoW lately.  So bored that I’ve taken a couple of characters out to do some Archaeology.

Yes I should be running LFR to get the 8 billion stone things I need to make 3 runes, and yes I should probably do something constructive but blah.

I still believe in the absolute truth that Archaeology is more mind-numbingly boring than watching ice cubes melt.

I’m running it on my Alchemists in the hopes of getting another Vial of the Sands recipe after I did the incredibly stupid move of ditching Alchemy on my Warlock – who had the recipe – and picking up Tailoring.

I ditched Tailoring, picked up Alchemy again just in case the recipe magically re-appeared for me but no luck.

I even put in a ticket and the GM was sympathetic but couldn’t restore the recipe for me since too much time had passed.

Thanks to my good buddy Repgrind I have the mount and technically don’t need the recipe.  I’m hoping that if I find it again it will kind of negate my stupidity in losing it in the first place.

How do we get so attached to digital binary code that doesn’t even belong to us?

On the bright side, I picked up another cute little Frostwolf Ghostpup AND a second Crawling Claw.

Between Archaeology digs I’ve been running around my Garrison fountain in circles for lack of something better to do.

Since I have nothing new to share I thought a catchy blog title might be fun.

Oh, I do have ONE thing to share –  it’s EASTER CREME EGGS season!!!!