Well, as it turn out I had to do almost every flipping quest in Icecrown before I got the quest chain that leads to my Tier 2.5 “matching” cloak Bloodbane’s Fall.

But I got it so now I’m happy.

Warlock Tier 2.5

Warlock Tier 2.5

I even had a few “matching” pets like the Brilliant Bloodfeather and Murkablo.

Bloodbane's Fall Cloak

Bloodbane’s Fall Cloak

I was running through Firelands for the mount – didn’t get it – but I did get Sho’ravon, Greatstaff of Annihilation which looks pretty good with the Tier 2.5 – if I ever get a staff so I can transmog it.

Fancy Firelands Staff

Fancy Firelands Staff

Now that this one is sort of done for the moment, I got a bug in my head that my Holy Priest really, really needed to get the Postmaster’s set for transmog.

So I ran Stratholme over and over until I got all the pieces.  Still need to find some suitable shoulders but I think I might have a matching belt somewhere in the 5,000 pieces of quest gear I’ve saved.

Yeah, I pretty much wasted an entire weekend tweaking up my transmogs…