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Pick up follower stuff, send followers on missions, pick flowers, pick up profession orders, start more orders.

Log out.

Log in next alt with Garrison

Rinse and repeat.

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Yeah, I got too many level 100 alts with Garrisons so I think I should leave most of them parked for a while, pick a few to play and actually accomplish something.

I went through my list of level 100s and decided the ones I enjoy playing the most are my Warlock, my Holy Priest and my Death Noob.

Warlock is ilvl 658 so she can raid a bit, my Holy Priest is ilvl 638 so she’s “mid” LFR, and my Death Noob just hit ilvl 616 so she can start LFR any day now.

No, I never did get Silver Proving Grounds Tanking on my Death Noob.  I haven’t tried SPG DPS with her yet so she’s skipping Heroics and going straight to LFR.

I switched the Death Noob back to Frost since I don’t think I should tank LFR although that would certainly liven things up.  I tried Unholy for a bit but I’m more familiar with Frost.  If I have to do LFR as dps well…I better pick a spec I know how to play a bit.

I queued up my Death Noob for LFR but the queue time was so long I sort of dozed off and missed it.

Yes, I fell asleep in front of the computer waiting for my LFR queue.  Woke up with a purring cat lounging on my keyboard and another 45 minute LFR wait so….yeah.

I tried queuing with my Holy Priest and only had a 15 min wait so she got to do the “new” stuff and pick up a couple of gear upgrades.

She’s a blast to play.  I’m still last on the healing list and have serious OOM issues but it’s fun and with shorter queue times she’s my favorite for LFR.

I’m even considering ditching her Disc spec for Shadow just so I can take her out in the world and do other stuff.

I just hope I can find some more current content to do with my three favorite characters instead of boring old Garrison chores.

Selfies during LFR runs seems like a viable form of entertainment…

Speaking of selfies, here’s a Panda Duck Lips photo – who knew Pandas could do Duck Lips?

Duck Lips

Duck Lips