The mission finally popped for my Warlock!

I have to hide my helm because of the stupid face-sticks-through-helm problem, but I’d have to hide it anyway to capture the “duck” lips pose.

SELFIE spam incoming!

SELFIE spam incoming!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the mission completed in time to take selfies during the raid (oh come on – I know you want to!) so instead I went to Black Temple to take some pictures and try for the new pets.

I got the Sultry Grimoire for the Sister of Temptation pet, and the Leviathan Egg for a Leviathan Hatchling.

Not bad for a first run considering it took me *forever* because I don’t know Black Temple very well and got completely lost more than a few times.

I used the WoW Guide Raiding with Leashes III and that helped a lot – I’d probably still be lost in there without it.

Now that I have some idea of where I’m supposed to go it probably won’t take me a couple of hours to do it again.

Who knows?

I might even take the “other” entrance and say “Hi” to my old buddy Kanrethad…