Yes, I’m an Idiot.

I hadn’t done LFR on my Warlock (yeah, been busy trying to get the S.E.L.F.I.E. mission – don’t judge me!) and I thought I better do it for the next round of Legendary droppings before Tuesday reset.

So…30 minute queue for dps.

No problem.  I’ve got missions to rotate.

I finally get in and everything goes okay except for some unexpected extra trash pulls.

That should have been a warning.

We get to Mario and Luigi (a.k.a. Hans’gar and Franzok) and the fun begins.

Now, I hate this fight at the best of times but LFR on a Monday night?

All the trolls had come out to play.  Someone pulled the bosses before everyone was there so a few people were locked out, and the bosses were reset.

Next attempt we made sure everyone was there, the tank pulled the boss and about 1/4 into the fight the bosses are reset.

Same for attempts #3 and #4.

Not sure if the trolls (yes, it was more than one person resetting) got bored and left or were kicked, but we finally managed to get them down.

We were heading out to the next boss when another troll pulled all the trash – and I mean all of it.

People started leaving so I left too since this was obviously going nowhere.

I didn’t want to bother queuing up again for another 30+ minute wait, so I logged onto my Holy/Disc Priest and queued up because she needs gear (PANTS!!)

I only had to wait a few minutes (yay Healer!) and things went much better.  I had a few DERP moments when I couldn’t figure out why my Shield keybind was casting Heal until I remembered I was in Holy spec.

I actually enjoy Holy.  I’m absolutely sure the other healers were “carrying” me since I’m still learning and don’t have the gear yet, but I did the best I could and had a lot of fun.

I find Holy a lot less stressful than Disc.  With Disc, I have to weave in the Atonement thing to get Archangel stacks ready and I don’t like bouncing between dps and healing very much.

With Holy all I have to do is – well, heal – and I get pretty angel wings more often than Disc.

I do like Disc, I just don’t like Atonement very much.

So for the moment I find Holy interesting and lot of fun, and I wish there was more “stuff” I could do with it.

Maybe I’ll bite the bullet and try one of those Heroic dungeons since I got SPG Healer.

Might as well use it.