Okay Blizz – I got 7 level 100s, 4 or 5 maxed out Garrisons (who can keep count?) and a couple of alts rolling above level 96.

I got followers all over the place picking up gear, resources, gold, their own armor and sometimes a rep token.

I set up a new Twitter just for WoW (yeah, the people on my “regular” Twitter were totally confused by WoW stuff) and I can now completely annoy the heck out of people with useless Achievement and loot droppings Tweets.

I got the screen shot thing down so now I can crop pictures of my incredibly boring characters doing mundane things just so I can Tweet them.

But I haven’t seen the S.E.L.F.I.E mission.

Not on one flipping character.

Not one of the +200 missions between my characters did I get one flipping camera.

Yes, I know all about RNG and how it relates to game theory design and yadda yadda yadda even though some of the RNG decisions in the game would completely bamboozle any game theory academic.

Why would you make the Jukebox into a quest thing and the camera an RNG thing?

I’ll probably forget all about it by the time it pops because the “fun” window will have long gone.

On the bright side, I made another Death Noob and joined another guild on a PvE server that was kind enough to let me in for the guild pet.

PvE is a lot less stressful and since it’s on the Horde side I got to check out the new Blood Elf models for my Death Noob.

The females look pretty good (what’s going on with the male BE chins??) so I’m happy with my brand new BE Death Noob.

Best part of all, my favorite WoW blogging buddies are in that guild and loaded me up with bags, gold and a portal to the Shrine!

Yes, it’s a lot more fun with friends – thanks guys!

I think I got into Honored guild rep by the time I left the Death Noob starter zone, got to level 60 for my flying and started questing in Outland.

Now, all I have to remember is that I’m Horde now and quit running into the Alliance quest areas…