Aside from farming 7 straight hours for the Fox Kit (before you could “buy” it), or 6+ hours for the Tiny Emerald Whelpling (before Battle Pets), or “robbing” all my alts of every copper to buy an Ethereal Soul Trader, I’ve also created an alt on a server and leveled up guild rep to buy the Thundering Serpent Hatchling.

Some guilds that have the achievements that unlock these pets are extremely generous in allowing “strangers” to join their guilds for the sole purpose of obtaining these pets.

A few guilds will charge you a hefty amount of gold to join for the pets, others do not.

Although I usually don’t have the “fee” for the charging guilds, I’ll join a “free” guild and leave them a gold “donation” of whatever I have because it did take them time and effort to get the achievements.

So once again, a guild who has unlocked the Deathwatch Hatchling is allowing people to join and obtain this pet – with no “charge.”

I decided to jump on this (because I’m bored with Garrisons anyway) to get the pet and it gives me a good excuse to – you guessed – create another Death Noob!

I also got to try out the new Heirlooms tab and that sure makes life a lot easier for alts.

My Death Noob gets to DW as Frost because I can use two heirloom swords without purchasing a second one.

I had to send my new Death Noob the Guild experience tabard because that’s not in the heirloom tab.  I guess technically it’s not an heirloom but it would be nice to have it in the tab anyway.

I’m still Death Noobing my way around the starter zone but I’m already up to “Friendly” with the guild.

Once I hit SW I’ll have to figure out a way to make some gold – maybe by selling some extra pets I’ve got cluttering up my banks.

It’s not as expensive as the Thundering Serpent Hatchling but when you’re starting from zero it might take a while.

The only downside to this whole adventure is that it’s on a PvP server.


This is going to be painful.

Sometimes I don’t believe the stuff I’ll do just to get a pet.