It’s true.

We were in a guild raid last night and someone was talking about Tweets from WoW and something snapped in me and I folded like a house of cards.

Before the pull I went into Social and set up my long-neglected Twitter account.

Of course I had really nothing to Tweet, but then it happened…

I was the first one Dead (again) and while I was examining the floor the new Death Log button was there right beside the Release button.

I clicked the Death Log and there was the story of my demise in all it’s glory (with icons!)

But I couldn’t Tweet it.

I get a little Tweet button for loot and screen shots, but no Death Log?

Come on Blizz!  No one cares that I got a piece of loot or I took a screen shot!

The Death Log is where it’s at – and I want to Tweet it!

Tweet button option, please?