Patch 6.1 drops today and with it comes the good, the bad and the ugly.  I’ve rated a few Patch items on a scale of 1-10 based on how much I care.

1 – don’t care at all
5 – interesting
10 – major big deal and life changing


Heirlooms tab:  I’m torn between commenting “It’s about time” or “Better late than never.”  Anyway, I’m looking forward to having a central location for my heirlooms but do we really need Achieves to go with it?

Go figure.

Rating:  8

Colorblind Support:  I don’t have this problem myself, but this is another “It’s about time” comment for those who are colorblind.

The new UI for this will hopefully give people more precise control to make their gaming experience better, and that’s always a good thing.

Rating:  7

Anti-aliasing and Lighting Improvements:  Normally I wouldn’t care too much about this because my “good” computer that died couldn’t rock Ultra anyway and my “old” computer was limited to Low settings.

But my fancy-pancy new laptop (that I bought before I found out I lost my job because I’m an idiot) can sing, dance and raid on Ultra settings so this has become mildly interesting to me.

Rating: 5

New Garrison Stuff:  The new dailies and “visitors” might be a fun way of making an excuse to visit your friends’ garrisons and team up for something to do.

Anything that doesn’t make garrisons a lonely and completely boring experience is a good thing.

Rating: 6

New Pets:  More pets from old raids – always good!

Rating: 10

QoL Changes:  A few updates to professions especially Archaeology.  You can now carry 250 fragments and nothing will require more than 200 to solve.  Another “It’s about time” fix.

Most of the Profession/Item (re: Toy Box) changes seem to be more “fixes” that should have been done right from the start so this is “Better late than never.”

Rating: 6

DMF:  I love the DMF, so anything new added is a good thing for me except when it looks like a console game.

Yes, I can’t do the stupid ring thing to get my wings and now they’ve added another “racing” game that I’ll probably fail.

So the DMF is Good for something new and Bad because it’s console game crap.

Rating: 7 for new content, -10 for racing game


Twitter Integration/Selfies:  I don’t Tweet much but now I and every other WoW player can annoy all their family, friends, co-workers and strangers with an onslaught of Tweets and Selfies without leaving WoW.

As I’ve said before, it’s just a marketing thing to “help” us promote Blizzard games.

On the surface it seems innocent enough, but if I’m going to “help” with marketing, I want to be paid.

What the hell, I want to be paid for every flipping social media site that uses my data, contacts, “Likes” and everything else for advertising and Blizzard is no exception.


Twitter, Blizzard and other social media site are making BILLIONS of dollars selling our “private” data to advertisers and I want a piece of the action.

The only question is whether to charge by the number of followers I have or just charge a monthly flat rate?

Rating: -10

Class Changes and Talent Balance:  Too much to rate individually, but let’s just say more nerfs to my favorite classes.

Rating: -5

PvP (Ashran):  Okay, I’ll admit I don’t know (or care) enough about PvP to comment.  I have gone to Ashran a couple of times with my healer because my theory is PvP is actually a pretty good place to practice.

I personally didn’t have to wait very long in queue (maybe 10 minutes) so I haven’t experienced the reported hours and hours of waiting so the queue “fix” might be a good thing.

It does appear that conquest is getting nerfed and some event changes have caused a riot in the Ashran forums, so I’ll have to put this in the “Bad” category to support my PvP buddies.

Rating: 2

And the UGLY

New Blood Elf Models: I don’t play Horde much anymore, but when I do, I play Blood Elves so I might actually notice new models.

To be perfectly honest, I’d rather Blizzard spend their time fixing the running animations for the current “new” models and especially the new mounts.

There is no excuse for everyone – and I mean everyone – running like Pandas.  It’s just sloppy quality control (that’s what you get for farming stuff out) and it’s just wrong.

Now we’re going to have Blood Elves running around like Pandas…yeeeech!

Rating: 2

There is a lot more but take a few minutes read the patch notes – there is a lot of stuff coming (and going!)

Happy Patch Day!