Well I bit the bullet and dumped my healing priest’s Shadow spec for Holy.

I’ve never tried Holy before (except for 5 min on a Horde alt many moons ago) so it was ummm…interesting.

I think I got the Chakra stances figured out with a lot of help from Icy Veins but yikes!

I still keep hitting my “shield” button when shields aren’t much use for Holy so I’ve got to learn new keybinds.

I decided the best place to practice was the Proving Grounds, so I made it through Bronze after a couple of attempts then went for Silver.

It took about 10 tries but I got it.  First few times I didn’t get past phase 3 or 4.

Just for the record, I still can’t get SPG Tanking on my Death Noob yet.

I was too chicken to queue for heroics so what do you do instead?

Why, LFR of course!

I was dead last on the healing meters but what the heck – it all counts as experience and I got some snappy gear upgrades.

I even offered my Priest to heal my guild’s raid run but for some strange reason they turned me down and said I should bring dps…

Guild Raid Run

Guild Raid Run

Oh well.

Next time I’ll offer to bring my Death Noob Tank…