I was bored to tears with Garrison “work” so I thought I’d try to get SPG for my Death Noob Blood Tank.

Not that I’d actually do any Heroic tanking, just for something to do so…

What a complete disaster!

I think I got up to Phase 6 ONCE and failed a second or two before the timer ran out.

The rest of the time I didn’t get past Phase 4.

Most of the time I didn’t get past Phase 2.

Yikes what a horrible tank!

But it was kind of fun and it’s not at my Garrison.

It reminded me of something…what was it?

Oh yeah.

The Green Fire Kanrethad fight, and we all know how well I did with that one!

I love my Death Noob and she’s got an awesome transmog so I’d like to actually do something besides profession cds and picking flowers.

Death Noob

Death Noob

Look at her – a full set of Enchanted Adamantite Armor with lovely matching Bogslayer Gauntlets, Bogslayer Pauldrons and a very expensive Rich Purple Silk Shirt (because my Tailor never found the pattern.)

Haven’t seen a helm or cloak I liked to go with yet it so I just turned them off.

She’s also brandishing Gorehowl because there is some poetic justice in smashing Orcs with Grom Hellscream’s Axe.

Yeah, she’s got to get out more.

She usually runs around in Blood spec and she has a Frost off-spec, but I’ve read that Unholy is pretty good this expansion so I thought I’d give it a try.

Because I’m a Noob, and went to the Target Dummies of Death to try out my new Unholy spec with the DPS Dummy.

It wasn’t too bad until I aggroed the Tanking Dummy and got one-shot again.

I hate those Dummies.

Oh well.

It might actually be safer to try it out in the Proving Grounds.