Well, I got my first look at BRF.

It was an unexpected invite so I didn’t have a clue about the fights other than what is in the Dungeon Journal so…

Guess Who's Dead?

Guess Who’s Dead?


Guess Who's Dead Again?

Guess Who’s Dead Again?

Of course Blizzard nerfed instant casts and movement for my Warlock then gives us Raids that could be easily confused with a console game.

I swear Hans’gar & Franzok is really Orcish for Mario and Luigi…

Don’t get me wrong.  The fights are okay and fun.  They would just be more fun if my most exciting choices were more than standing in the fire like a stupid to cast a Chaos Bolt, or move out of the fire and interrupt whatever I was casting.

I lucked out in the gear department – I got Giant Pumper shoulders, Furnace Stoker’s Footwraps, and Shadow Council’s Robes tier piece.

I was even extra lucky that the Robes didn’t have Versatility on them.

Now I just have to find some enchants.  Hope my Enchanter has been doing the daily CDs!