After dragging myself through 7 Garrison “chores” I just couldn’t look at them anymore.

Technically I could have worked on leveling my Warrior but I still haven’t found a shield so I can go Prot because I’m getting tired of dying every 2 seconds.

I looked through my list of long-neglected alts to see if there was anything interesting:

  • a couple of “baby” Pandas I started – Rogue and Warrior for the guild achievement stuck at about level 15
  • another level 91 Draenei DK up to the Garrison part of WoD
  • a Horde BE Priest also stuck at the Garrison
  • a Level 43 Human Paladin who has been a bank alt forever
  • a Level 14 Draenei Paladin because I thought I’d try a Paladin – again
  • a Level 59 Worgen Druid abandoned a long time ago because I never really figured out what spec to play
  • my “original” character – a level 90 NE Hunter I eventually level to expansion cap but have fell behind keeping up how to play

I already have a couple of Priests, a DK, a Monk, a Shaman, a Warlock and a Rogue at level 100 so I don’t really want to level up more of the same I probably won’t play.

I thought I’d try something different – I haven’t looked at a Druid or Paladin since Cata so why not?

My Druid was a little further along than the Paladin so I dusted her off, gave her a full set of heirlooms, took her to the DMF for some experience boosts, and quickly realized I went Feral because I hate Balance.

Of course, Balance is supposed to be really good this expansion but ugh…I really don’t like it.

Anyway, who doesn’t want to be a Cat?

I had to take the boat to Winterspring for the Love is in the Air daily, so I just suck around Kalimdor and did some quests until I hit level 60 to get flying and go to the Dreaded Outland.

Usually I try to get through Outland as fast as possible, but I decided to take my time so I did quests in Hellfire I haven’t done for 5 or 6 years.

Yes, some of the quests are still as annoying and grindy as I remember but it was almost like doing something new again so it was fun.

I also was keeping a close eye on quest rewards for future transmog options so that’s why I’m still wearing level 20 boots and a level 25 belt because I picked the “pretty” intellect gear instead of the “practical” agility options.

I had left her with a Feral/Restro spec (yeah, I keep having hope I can heal someday) so I might switch up Restro with Guardian and try that just for fun.

It will also save me some bag space from hauling around two sets of heirlooms.

I think I’m going to give that Paladin another shot too, just not sure if I should pick up the level 12 to start from the “beginning” or take that level 43 and figure it out as I go along.

It’s not as if I couldn’t replace the level 43 with another bank alt but the level 14 can have pigtails so…tough decision.