Update:  Blizzard Watch reached and exceeded their 12K goal!  This means we’ll be getting Class Columns and a few other goodies when things get rolling.

I decided that since I had good WoW friends that rallied around me and helped me get through a very bad day (love you guys!) when I found out my job was cut, it’s only right that I should “pay it forward” and give a few dollars a month for Blizzard Watch.

If I find a job I can give more, but for now…well, it just feels “right” and anyway, I’d rather spend a few dollars a month for on-going excellent articles to read than blow it on a fancy cup of coffee that “entertains” me for 5 minutes.

Their “come back” story is an inspiration for people like me facing the RL Raid Boss of Unemployment, and I think that’s worth something.

Meanwhile, back at the Holiday Boss…

Yes, it’s that time of year again – “Love is in the Air” with the Crown Chemical Corporation Holiday Boss Dungeon.

The one we run with all our max level toons because you never know – you might just get the Big Love Rocket in your Heart-Shaped Box.

With a 0.03% drop rate (about the same as getting hit by lightning) I like to look at Holiday Bosses as “practice time” for roles I don’t play much – Healers and Tanks.

With my really bad tanking and healing, simple Holiday Boss Dungeons take on all the aspects of a fully-fledged 40 man raid.

I ran my Healer through quite a few, not just for healing practice but to get the “healer” necklace with spirit since the only spirit item I have is the first-level legendary ring.

Get a group of decently geared people and healing is easy.

Get a group of people running under-geared alts and it’s a nightmare.

My healer is under-geared (less than ilvl 600) and with very little spirit well…I can run OOM very quickly if everyone is taking damage.

I haven’t “lost” anyone yet but it’s been close – very, very close.

I only saw two necklaces drop and I lost the first one to a Hunter – go figure.  I won the second one so now I have two pieces with spirit.

Tanking isn’t nearly as stressful as healing.

Usually some DPS will decide to pull the boss and tank for me so I don’t really get in a lot of tanking practice.

But it’s fun and I enjoy tanking so what the heck – I love my Blood DK so any chance I get to take her out of the Garrison is worth it.

I even won the “tanking” necklace when I rolled against a Hunter…