Our friends from WoW Insider are “back on the job” under the new site they created Blizzard Watch.

Their funding from Patreon hit over $10k – that’s a “subscription” style funding from fans who enjoyed and appreciated their work.

I’m getting my job cut and I’ll be out of work myself in a few months so it’s not a good time for me to give anything right now (not even sure I’ll be able to keep up my WoW sub), but if I find a decent job you bet I’ll be signing up even if it’s only a small amount.

So a big GRATS to Blizzard Watch – looking forward to reading all the snappy new articles!

Meanwhile, back at the Garrison Inn…

It was New Follower Tuesday!  Another attempt at getting the elusive Panda DK follower.  I haven’t seen it yet, but I am racking up quite an army of DK followers trying to get one.

I’ve tried picking different counter traits for DKs and the “Epic Mount” trait that seems to pop a DK but so far no luck.

On the bright side, most of my characters have a ton of DK followers.  That’s okay because for some reason the DKs have absolutely the best follower outfits and they are less likely to be Dwarfs.

Not that I have anything against Dwarfs but really – is it just me or does it seem to be that at least 2 out of the 3 followers you get to pick from the Inn are Dwarfs?  What is slightly more horrifying is that most of the Dwarfs are female.

I seem to get mostly Dwarfs and Night Elves with Humans coming in third.  I haven’t seen very many Gnomes and Pandas.  I’m not sure I’ve seen any Pandas at all.

Classes seem to have better representation.  I think I’ve got at least one follower for every class and the Inn selection has been sufficiently “random” to pop up different classes to select from the traits requested.

Since I’ve been focusing on DK traits lately my race selections are mostly Night Elf and Human (sometimes a Dwarf) and I’ll usually get at least one – sometimes two – DK classes.

I’ll always pick the DK so my Garrison is starting to look a lot like Acherus with all the DKs wandering around.

I’ve had to disable a few because of the follower limit but geez Blizz – take the cap off followers!  Let me have my DK Garrison Army!

Sure you can keep a limit on how many we send on missions but there is no reason not to let us keep them all active so I can rotate them in to level up without some stupid gold cost and just enjoy them wandering around my Garrison.

But I guess that would be too much fun…